Peter Mohr
animal homeopath, author, teacher and founder of animalmundi

... I am here for you when it comes to issues of management, institute management, study management, designing the programs, placements and supervision. In addition, I will be happy to welcome you in my practice for a homeopathic treatment or an animal-psychological advisement concerning the wellbeing of your animals.

Marten von Ascheraden

Dipl.-Ing. oec.

Business management
My focus is on the project development, process optimization and innovation management. I am responsible for developing and managing the economic and administrative area.

Dr. Susanne Forth
Pharmacist, scientist, Tierhomöopathin
and certified business coach.
I bring my knowledge and power as a pharmaceutical-research project director and classical animal homeopath into this project.
Dr. med. vet. Christina Vierling
research-based veterinarian and animal homeopath.
I have been teaching veterinary medicine at the school for animal homeopathy animalmundi since 2004.
I share my knowledge as a veterinarian and classical animal homeoapth both in terms of science in the Institute's work and as part of the Academy as an instructor with my collegues and our students.

Friederike Stoppel
Lecturer in nursing and animal homeopath in training.
I am sharing my extensive medical knowledge, my passionate desire to explore homeopathy and my organizational experience with this institution and am responsible for the latest news and newsletters.