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For more than 25 years the animal homeopath and founder of animalmundi,

Peter Mohr has been focusing 
intensively on developing a holistic perspective

of classical homeopathy for 
humans and animals in practice as well as teaching.
The academy animalmundi is known for applying the highest standards in the

training of 
classical animal homeopathy and animal psychology.

Unfortunately a fire destroid the whole house in which the clinic, the school, a café and a bed & breakfast was lokated. Beside that it was the home for the familie. Which means that more than 15 years of work were destroid in a few hours.

Heartily we like to thank everyone who joined and supported us in the process of building up this project in which we developed one of the very few places, where one could study animal homeopathy and animal psychology on this high level.

Temporarily rest all study programs.

We thank you for your kind understanding and remain

Sincerely yours

Your animal mundi team


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