Advisory Board of animalmundi institute

The advisory board of animalmundi institute for animal homeopathy and animal psychology consists of volunteering experts who advise the institute on scientific and economic issues. The scientific advisory board is an independent body in every way.

Scientific Advisory Board


The board is to advise the animalmundi institute independently in all aspects of science. The Board determines the object of its own advice, it meets at least once a year. The director of the institute is notified of the results of the consultations in the form of an expert opinion. The results are published regularly. .



The council currently consists of seven members. They are scientists who are recognized in their respective field of work. They are nominated by the board and appointed or dismissed by the director of animalmundi institute. Below we introduce the members.




Stephen Gordon MCH RSHom FSHom
is the General Secretary of the European Central Council of Homeopaths (ECCH) the professional platform representing the homeopathy profession in Europe established in 1990. Besides the administration his position involves the representation of ECCH in the professional and political arena at EU and European level. Stephen is also General Secretary of the International Council for Homeopathy established in 2007.

MSc Ulrike Kessler

Practicing homeopath for more than 25 years. Lecturer in Classical Homeopathy. One of the first graduates of the Master Program at the University of Central Lancashire, UK Degree (February 2011) with a thesis on the quality of homeopathic education.

Petter Viksveen

Advisor (NIFAB) and Scientific Coordinator (CAM-Cancer) at the University of Tromsø
Chairman at the European Central Council of Homeopaths

Holger Kahl

Degree in biology, organic consultant and university lecturer in organic farming.

I am happy to share my experience as a lecturer and appointee for the promotion of organic farming in New Zealand as well as my experiences in the development of ecological agriculture in Africa with this project.

Dirk Roos

Biologist and scientific director of the research station "Wolfswinkel“. This station of the German Society for Pet Research was founded by Eberhard Trumler, Germany’s most famous behavioral scientist. Dirk Roos is a lecturer for general ethology and ethology of dogs at animalmundi and our adviser in all ethological concerns.