At the moment our projects are still in development

We would however like to convey an idea of the orientation of our planned research projects.
We strive to...


  • gain valuable deeper insights into the applications of classical homeopathy
  • answer the question whether and what benefits arise for humans and animals from the application of this therapy form.
  • To do research in cooperation with both other institutions as well as practicing veterinarians, physicians, farmers and animal keepers.
  • to work together constructively with other institutes or departments

Although we have established this institute as convinced homeopaths, we see our work in terms of a free and independent science in all regards, self-critical and open-minded.
Every aspect of our work is meant to serve the patients. Their welfare is our benchmark.


Are you interested to realize such a project with us or would you  like to talk to us about the possibilities of homeopathic care for your farm animals? Then we are the right partner for you.


Projects in development

tl_files/side_adverts/huhn.jpgHomeopathy in poultry farming

This research project is concerned with the risks and benefits of classical homeopathic care of the poultry stock in moderate intensive husbandry in organic agriculture. The aim is a comparative study with stock in conventional farming.