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The study of a holistic therapy such as classical homeopathy poses a challenge to science that seems hard to be met. Classical Homeopathy defines itself as a holistic and individual therapy that focuses on the patient’s uniqueness.


This – in comparison to conventional medicine – completely different approach might be the reason for the emotionality with which  the opinions of both supporters and opponents are discussed. Naturally each party is of the strong conviction that its position is sufficiently verified. 


If we illuminate the development and direction of this research area a little more objectively, we can see that there is cause enough to closer investigate the apparent success of a classical homeopathic treatment to understand their effectiveness, on the one hand. On the other hand  one can find - especially in the field of homeopathic basic research - sufficient reason to critically review the existing theses and theories.
Research, Education and Practice
Research, education and practice are the three keystones of all proficiency in science. Therefore we decided to extend our range of activities to integrate scientific work and research. Now animalmundi is providing the whole range of activities in terms of a holistic and scientific approach in animal homeopathy and animal psychology while including activities such as…


  • to gain valuable and deeper insights in theoretical and practical aspects of homeopathic science
  • this we would like to do in cooperation with other institutes;
  • here we rely on the cooperation with homeopaths, animal homeopaths, animal psychologists, veterinarians, physicians, animal keepers and farmers;
  • and strive for a constructive cooperation with other institutes.
  • to create benefits for humans and animals

As convinced homeopaths we approach each of our tasks from a holistic perspective and see ourselves in the service of our patients. Our benchmark criterion is their well-being regardless of whether human or animal.